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Welcome to Youthwiz.com –  A blog featuring technology updates, gadgetry updates, tips & tricks and some impressive blogging solutions.

“Youthwiz” is a tech blog started back in November 2013 with the intent of sharing information useful for today’s young minds and aspirations. Here you can find technological information related to Internet, Gadgets, productive tools, tips & tricks. Later on this year, i started to share my views, my ideas and a bit of knowledge about ‘ Blogging ‘. Its my pleasure to say out that ‘Youthwiz’  is getting some real good responses from readers.  Your precious words motivates me to keep pushing my writing abilities as well as represent my ideas before you in an easy and much a friendly manner.

About Me

Hello Amigos, this is Akshay Sapkal, a 22 year old passionate blogger from Pune, Maharashtra, India.  At first, had no ideas what a blog is and what is the so famous term called ‘Blogging’? It was just a mere co-incidence i had attended a presentation on blogging. My first perception about blogging was ‘ its fun ‘, and certainly yes it is 🙂 .

At my background, i am a Computer Science Engineer with a passion for Internet Technologies. At personal life, i like to travel, like to play football and yes hang out with friends. Also you can never find me sitting idle. I am always into doing some or the other thing, whether involved in some valuable task or rather many times into some crazy activities 😉 .

Author & Administrator – Akshay Sapkal

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