Top 3 Android Parental Control Apps – Keep An Eye!

Why Do We Need Android Parental Control Apps

Android parental control apps and softwaresHave you seen the young kids playing video games and taking selfies through their smartphone? You have experience of watching young teens using the mobile phone and doing calls, messages and using social media apps all day long? The modern world is obsessed with the contemporary digital devices along with the social media websites and instant messengers. The young kids and teens use social media in the shape of the social messaging app such Facebook, Tinder, Vine, Line, Yahoo and many others.

When parents come to know that their kids are addicted to the social media and mobile technology along with the serious health and social hazards, they start chasing for a monitoring software. The modern world has technology created problems along with the solutions as well.

Following are the top parenting control apps which are very effective to set parental control on kids while using the tech gadgets and social media alongside. There are top 3 Android parental control apps such as TheOneSpy Android monitoring app, Norton Family parental control app and screen time parental control software.

Here are Top 3 Android Parental Control Apps

android parental control apps
Protect and guide your child through the web space

TheOneSpy Android Parental Control App:

The Android parental control software has plenty of groundbreaking features which can help parents to set parental control on their kids. The software is a game changer for parents and tracks all the possible activities such as texting, chatting, messaging, audio and video calling, chatting and group chatting and plenty of other activities. TOS has features such as bug their phone feature, spy on call feature, spy on messages, view internet activities, keylogger, read emails, view multimedia files, view phone activities, monitor internet activities, instant alerts and plenty of remotely control features.

The TOS main features plenty sub features up to almost 130 features and along with 17 instant messengers. The parental control app enables parents to get information along with complete time stamp.

Norton Family Parental Control Software:

Parents can do monitoring while their kids are online, the Norton Android parental control app empower parents to spy the activities of their kids and teens through their smartphones along with internet connection. This particular software allows parents to set their own parental control browser and then they will be able to check bookmark, history along with the thumbnails as well. The parental control app allows parents to avoid all kind of evils the social media have such as sharing of pictures and many other things.

The app can also educate the young kids and teens about the possible dangers and guide the best way of using the social media and internet usage. The parental control software introduces the parents the groundbreaking set of parental control solutions along with the tracking features for addicted kids and teens. The application has magnificent features such as web supervision, instant locks, tracking text messages and the best feature of location supervision feature. Parent need to install the application on their kid’s smartphone device and then put their all worries to rest.

Screen Time Parental Control Software:

The Screen time parental control software empowers parents to track screen time of young kids and teens on their smartphone devices, IPad’s and tablets. The Android monitoring app also allows parents to set the timing on those particular applications and websites to get control on particular tools which parents think inappropriate. Once parents set the timing on the social platforms, once the set time is completed then the social websites and social messaging apps automatically stop working.

Parents can even block the inappropriate video games, social messaging apps and the parental control application guide kids and teens to do safe and sound internet surfing. Parents just need to press a single click then the device of the young kid’s show time out and they have to leave the smartphone devices because it stops working.

Parents can see all the internet browsing such as what sort of websites and apps they were visiting, and they can set their own preferences by blocking inappropriate websites and apps and other stuff. Parents can also get instant alerts when their kids install new apps to replace the blocked applications.

Hope these Android Parental Control Apps help you to keep your children away from the ill effects of technology alongside with social media. Keep a watch on them for correct resources and guide them well for future.

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