How To Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster – Quick Guide

IRCTC is the busiest page on the web in India. Specially in the season time when people travel the most. To book confirm tatkal tickets is not an easy task as it seems because in seconds the availability comes to a waiting list.

 Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster

book irctc tatkal tickets faster online

Tatkal ticket booking is considered as a hectic job by people and thus hire brokers for the same. So to avoid this here we introduce you to some tricks to book IRCTC tatkal tickets faster.

Firstly Understand The Reasons of Error Messages

There are situations while online train ticket booking where you get some error messages , slowing down your booking process. The issues may be due to your browser and its configuration , payment preference you selected and your internet speed.

  • Always use the supporting browsers as suggested by IRCTC:
    Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome and Opera.
  • Always do prefer the Credit/Debit card payment.
  • Make sure your internet speed is fast enough to load pages quickly.
    Internet speed of 1Mb/s and above is good to use.

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Stepwise Procedure To Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster

1. Fill Magic Auto Fill For IRCTC Before 15 Minutes

When you are ready to book IRCTC Tatkal ticket online  and the peak hours start, then you have very less time to fill in the details and then book the ticket. In no time the available tickets turn down to waiting lists. For this you have to fill the passenger details very fast and it may happen you commit a mistake entering the information about passengers.

For this problem there is a mind blowing trick that saves your crucial time to book irctc tatkal tickets faster with convenience. Follow the steps:

1. Go to the Magic Auto fill for IRCTC website.

2. Now there comes a reservation form asking you for the passenger details

Magic autofill form to book online tatkal tickets faster

  • Adult Passengers
  • Child Passengers
  • Mobile Number
  • Payment Method

– fill these correctly.

Check for the best payment methods to use for faster booking.

  1. After you have completed the form filling, now carefully click and drag the “I’m feeling lucky” button onto your bookmarks bar(below the URL bar).

Quickly book tatkal railway tickets

4. Now most of your time consuming work is done. Now while you are booking a tatkal ticket and reach the passenger details page on IRCTC website, simply click the magic autofill button on the bookmarks toolbar.

5. After this you will see that your form is auto filled by the magic autofill submitter. By following the above steps you save a lot of time to book tatkal tickets online.

2. Login to IRCTC Login to your IRCTC account just before 5 minutes to 10.00 AM because if you are already logged in for a longer time then you may see an error message. IRCTC refreshes its page for tatkal booking just before 10 minutes , that is it refreshes its page at 9.50 AM. So you must login before 5 minutes only.

3. Quick Select – Source, Destination, Date and Type of Ticket

After you have logged in successfully, fill the source and destination quickly, select your journey dates, type of ticket you want to book with specified quota. Do not take much time in typing the details over here as we have to book IRCTC tatkal tickets fast in time.

Quick Tip : Better learn all the station codes in advance before booking.

4. Select best availability of trains

A small time consuming mistake we do here is – watching the availability of trains which takes around half a minute of time. We suggest you to go through the booking status of past dates on the basis of which you can analyze which train’s ticket you need to book tatkal ticket faster.

Select availability and click on the book button.

5. Fill passenger details

After clicking on the book button you will be redirected to passenger details list. Here we use the above Magic autofill feature which fills the information within a second. This saves out your time in typing the details and utilize the time for further process and book IRCTC tatkal tickets faster.
Now enter the security code and click on the Go button.

6. Make Payment Now you will be redirected to a page for your payment process. Here we provide you the complete information about which payment method is good to use for booking tickets. Click on the make payment method and then you can choose your own preferred method.

  • Credit Card – Payment with credit cards are safe and fast.
  • Debit Card – Same as above in credit card. [Most Preferred Payment Method]
  • Net Banking – Poor Payment method due to too many redirections. Never try to book a ticket via Net Banking as there are too many redirections involved which posses the chances of Server and Application Errors.

So the Credit and Debit card payment methods are preferred to book IRCTC tatkal tickets faster online.

7. Wait for the payment results

After you click on pay, wait for few moments and you will be redirected to your final ticket. Meanwhile do not press the back button if it takes time, rather wait or it would show up errors. Once the redirection is successful and the screeen lands up showing you your ticket details, click on the Print ERS button ( Electronic Reservation Slip).

So you have completed your online tatkal ticket booking and successfully booked your ticket from IRCTC with the help of the above tatkal booking tricks.

Note : These are simple methods to book IRCTC tatkal tickets faster online and it should not be misused. This are meant only for your personal use.

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