Mahindra Blazo – India’s Smart Trucking Revolution

Transport being said as one of the pillars of a developing nation, is truly one. In our country the transport business and cargo shipment accounts for more than 60% of the movements on roads. We have all seen Ashok Leyland & Tata trucks dominating the heavy carrier section.

But as we know as the time sprints up ahead a cool breeze waves into each and every business, freezing everyone one of us to think something extraordinary. And that breeze, that extraordinary thought all concludes itself in one word, if I’m rightly  guessing it its – ” SMART “. Yes, u heard it right. As we all know smart things have come up and changed our lifestyles like smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Interestingly Mahindra has sensed up the need of some smart things to come on road and thus has come up with India’s First Smart Truck – Mahindra Blazo.

Mahindra Blazo variants

Mahindra blazo smart truck Mahindra Blazo Smart Trucks

Well what’s this new thing? Smart trucks!!

So get acquainted with Mahindra Blazo to know the answers of what and how questions running in your minds.

At first it was a sheer pleasure for us to be invited at Mahindra’s plant in Chakan, Pune. It was an experience of lifetime for a person like me who is keen of automobiles and spends a lot of time watching manufacturing process of cars on Discovery. But first time I had seen it in real and that too a truck manufacturing plant. So here I share my experience.

We started a guided tour through the manufacturing process and I was amazed with my first glance, a very huge color full factory with large scale automation.

The plant is well equipped with huge machineries, latest equipments and automated robotic arms reducing human intervention to ensure precision, safety and high scores on product quality. Qualified, dedicated and creative work force dwells this manufacturing process more efficiently.

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Slide 1 |Mahindra Plant Chakan
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Slide 3 |Mahindra Truck and Bus Division
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Further noteworthy points were the effective use of natural daylight with many openings on the rooftop and a water treatment plant where water is recycled and used in the plant. Also here a good use of solar power is made to charge up various thermal processes in the plant, making it one of the most eco-friendly automotive plants in India and worldwide.

Mahindra Blazo

Comming back to Mahindra Blazo, it is conceptualized, designed and developed by the Mahindra Truck & Bus Division. They have come up with a truck series of Blazo quoting that “OK is no longer Ok”. It says all about their determination they have put into Blazo which ensures comfort, convenience, safety and smartness rarely seen on other trucks running on the roads. As we mention the New Blazo Smart Truck, you might be eager to know what makes this truck smart?

Mahindra Blazo is perhaps the first smart truck that has hit the Indian roads. It comes with two amazing features – Fuel Smart Switches and mPower Fuel Smart Engine.

The Fuel Smart Mahindra Blazo

The Blazo series comes with a Flue Smart Technology housed in with CRDe Engine that provides multiple drive modes as seen in passenger cars. There are three modes which can be easily grasped and switched by the drivers during their normal trucking on roads. The modes are –


Light Mode – Used when carrying No Load or very light load.

Heavy Mode – Used when carrying full load on no inclined road.

Turbo Mode – Used for carrying full load and when driving on steep inclines. It helps you to ride your truck smooth avoiding gear downs on steep inclines.

Also these switches can be switched smoothly when the truck is running and there is no need to switch the engine off in between. So using these switches the drivers will save a lot of fuel as in the whole shipment the truck comes half the way back empty and switching to light mode will save some fuel which turns out as big bonus for transport business.

mPower Fuel Smart Engine

mpower fuel smart engine

As we know engines are heart of vehicles and particularly trucks. And thus Mahindra has designed the engine with detailed attention which is powered with CRDe Technology. It has a Electronic Control Unit that takes inputs from different sections of the engine and the truck. It uses various sensors such as engine speed sensor, oil pressure sensor, rail pressure sensor and the cabin accelerator pedal sensor. The power transmission and fuel management is well decided from the inputs received from these sensors.

So here the driver saves money with switching the three modes and the CRDe engine comes up as a smart companion to save more fuel and further save some more money.

Mahindra Blazo Driver Cabin

Blazo driver cabin blazo driver seat

Entering the cabin the first thing I would say is it’s a car cabin. As the company knows drivers are the people who spend most of their life in cabins, it has done a diligent study of driver wants and comforts. It has revolutionized the cabin comfort with 4 point suspension cabin with ABS, company fitted overhead fans, A/c vents(optional), adjustable chair and steering wheel and a full length sleeping seat that is more comfortable than the reserved train births. Blazo comes with day cabin and 2-sitter cabin as per the needs.

The cabin here has also got a smart feature called DIS – Driver Information System.
DIS mahindra blazo

Here you can see a modern and smart driver dashboard with an LCD screen. It tells you about the vehicle and engine conditions, fuel consumption per km, air pressure, RPM, service reminders and many more. The driver gets a brief overview of the truck’s condition without the need of manual checkup. This cabin is future ready in all aspects for future needs, installations, developments such as GPS system.

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Mahindra Is Pretty Confident On The Blazo Series

Mahindra is so confident in its Blazo series that it has come up with two promises or rather say guarantees. This is surely a great challenge and something that is only found in Mahindra Blazo Trucks. You must have seen bollywood star Ajay Devgan promising customers on behalf of Mahindra’s confidence in Blazo series.

CarDHkDWIAEFsLTmahindra blazo guarantee

#1  – Mileage Guarantee

Simply put in words it says you will get your money back if your Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck does not give you better mileage and fuel efficiency compared to other trucks of same class. It speaks up the company’s confidence on the performance delivered by its designed engine. The above mPower Fuel Smart Engine give all details regarding it and also you can see testimonials of existing customers and there positive reviews on it.

#2 – Back On Road Service Guarantee

Mahindra’s Truck & Bus Division guarantees that in case of on road failures or when your truck breaks down, the Mahindra service team will reach out to you and do the needful to bring your truck back on roads within 48 hours. If this does not happen the customer will receive Rs1000 compensation per day till the truck is back running again. Here it’s not about the compensation, it’s about the companies confidence in the truck and also it in case fails it’s confidence in the Mahindra Service. It is about building up trust with the customers with their truck and their service.

I’m blogging about my exclusive experience at the Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck  manufacturing unit with BlogAdda.

Wrapping Up !

So we have seen lot’s of exciting features of India’s very first Smart Truck Mahindra Blazo. It will boost transport businesses in India with new truckers favoring the smart way. Soon we would see many such smart trucks running on Indian roads as technology invades itself as time moves ahead.

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