How To Hide Last Seen On Whatsapp In Android and iPhone

Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded Android app according to surveys. Pretty obvious if you are using a smartphone then you also might be using Whatsapp. Whatsapp stands out from the various other messaging applications because of a simple interface and various features. It also offers an excellent feature – the last seen option. This feature lets you know ...

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How To Easily Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

Why is there a need for this kind of software i.e. to recover deleted files ? This is because.. Some of the organized computer users make regular use of Windows built-in tools like Disk Cleanup to clear up the junk files on their computer. The junk files include the deleted files that might have ended up in the Recycle Bin. ...

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How To Use A Pendrive As RAM – Speedup Your PC

Hello …..friends , Today i will be showing you a small trick of How to use a Pendrive as RAM for making your computer work faster. Now a days our computers sound slow to us when we run some new and heavy applications which consume most of the RAM. Some programs/software or games specify the requirements with the necessary RAM ...

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How To Lock PC with USB – Key to your Windows PC

lock pc with usb

Do you want to have an extra security layer in your computer in your absence. We know that there are ample number of tricks available to crack your PC or Laptop passwords. An extra level of security is what you may desire, when you are away from your computer. So, here you are going to see how you can protect ...

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How To Backup – Restore Call Logs and SMS to Gmail

Restore Call Logs and SMS to Gmail

The exercise of backing up your phone’s data time to time is a good practice. Android phones make it possible to keep your contacts synced with Gmail all the time. Apart from your contacts Android also synchronizes your app list. Thus, this feature helps you to restore back all your contacts and apps when you factory reset your phone or ...

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Phonebloks : An idea for future “green phones”

self customization of phoneblok

Now the current phones we use are disposable. Only few people keep their phone for 3 to 4 years and rather people prefer to use a phone for an year or two and just jump to another. This has now become a system for phone keeping. But what just could happen if change our temporary thought to a permanent thought ...

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Sony Launches USB Flash Drives /Pendrives for Smartphones

Sony has now figured out a best possible solution for the smartphone and tablet users fascinating their need of removable storage compatible to their sealed smartphone. This flash drive offers an on-the-functionality (OTG)USB. On December 11 2013 Sony launched their USB flash drives which are designed to work for samrtphones, tablets and PC’s as well. On its one end there ...

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Receive Desktop Gmail Notifications

We know Webmails somehow sadly lacks Desktop notifications – but this is no reason to worry, a free tool can rather fix it ! How to receive Desktop Gmail Notifications: In this modern time we have become used to messages that pop out on our various devices and tell us that something has arrived or something is done. For example ...

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