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You need to prepare yourself before the tedious task of online IRCTC tatkal ticket booking. There are various issues such as slow loading of pages and session timeouts which hinder your online booking process. You need to overcome these issues in order to book your tickets timely without any errors.

Quick Look :  How To Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster – Step Wise Guide

So here we show you very simple ways to override the issues you face for IRCTC tatkal ticket booking online .

1. Install Ad block on your web browser

Almost everyone on the web today display Ads on their websites for monetization. IRCTC also have Ads on their site with many images and maybe some Java scripts which adds an additional load time for the web pages to load. Thus these factors slow down your online tatkal booking process.

There are many ways to solve the above problems but we will explain you the easiest way to block Ads on your web browser.

Please do follow the below links to install Ad block on your web browser :

1. Ad Block for Google Chrome

2. Ad Block for Mozilla Firefox

Following the above links install the Ad block on your web browser preventing the Ads to pop up which slow  down the IRCTC website.

2. Install Auto Refresh Plugin

It is obvious when you want to book online tatkal ticket on IRCTC you log in the IRCTC account before 10 AM. But when the tatkal booking actually starts , after some time it may show session expired ! , it means you need to login again which now would be harder to login in tatkal timings.

Faster irctc tatkal ticket booking session error

IRCTC logs you out of your account session if you are not active from last 3 minutes. It is a common problem that everyone may have faced when logging in the IRTCTC account before 10 AM. So the solution to this ” Session Expired ” error could be refreshing the page yourself for short intervals or else you can have another fantastic plugin.

This plugin named ” Auto Refresh Plus ” is available on both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. This plugin automatically refresh your web pages according to the time you specify.

Below are the steps to help you with the installation of Auto Refresh Plus

For Google Chrome

1. Open your browser.

2. Go to the link for Auto Refresh Plus Plugin 

3. Now install the plugin by clicking on the add button.

4. The plugin will be installed automatically

5. Now you can see a refresh icon on the address bar.

auto refresh for tatkal booking online

6. Open IRCTC website and click on that icon and set your auto refresh time (in seconds) and click on start.

So now here after you’ll not face the problem of ” Session Expire on IRCTC ”.

For Mozilla Firefox

1. Open your browser

2. Go to the link for Auto Refresh plugin

3. Now click on the add button to install the plugin

4. The plugin will be installed automatically

5. Now you open the IRCTC website

6. Right click on the page and you will see an option for auto refresh.

7. Select it and set your time.

book tatkal tickets faster refresh

And now here after you’ll not face the problem of ” Session Expire on IRCTC ”

So now you have prepared yourself with the necessary things before the booking process. Now you can go through the Quick process to book IRCTC tatkal tickets faster.

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